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Rotary Swaging Machine


HOREN is a premier OEM & ODM manufacturer of Rotary Swaging Machines, specializing in the production of cold forging equipment. Our advanced machines feature a powerful 3HP x 4P motor, capable of processing brass, aluminium, and steel alloy tubes and wires with diameters ranging from Ø3mm to Ø25mm. With a working range of 1mm to 8mm (subject to variation based on material hardness and thickness), our machines are ideal for pre-processing cold drawing operations, enhancing material density through hammering on swaging mode, and cladding other rod materials. Additionally, they are used for forging materials, creating the desired sloping shape for finishing or semi-finishing hardware accessories. Discover the precision and versatility of HOREN's Rotary Swaging Machines for your manufacturing needs.

rotary swaging machine manufacturer

Motor: 3HP x 4P
Applicable material: brass, aluminium, steel alloy tube and wire
Applicable size: Ø3~25mm
Working range: 1~8mm (Reduction ratio may be varied depending on the hardness and thickness of the material)
Applications and features: 1. Commonly used as the pre-processing of the cold drawing to go through the drawing die for pulling.
2. Used for strengthening the density of round material through hammering process on swaging mode, or cladding the other rod materials.
3. Used to forge the material and obtain the sloping shape required to make the finishing or semi-finishing hardware accessories.

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