Cold Forging Equipment for Optimal Results



Cold forging equipment is an essential tool in the metalworking industry, revolutionizing the way metal components are manufactured. This advanced technology enables the precise and efficient shaping of metal through a process known as cold forging.

As a leading machine manufacturer in the cold drawing process, HOREN has dedicated itself to providing high-quality machines for our customers. We manufacture turnkey equipment for metal tubes, rods and bars: including Metal Swaging Machine, Cold Drawing Machine, and Straightening Machine. 

With cold forging equipment, metal blanks or preforms are subjected to high-pressure compression forces, causing the material to flow and take the shape of the die cavity. The process is performed at ambient temperatures, resulting in enhanced material strength and dimensional accuracy.

Our state-of-the-art cold forging equipment offers unparalleled capabilities in producing complex and high-quality metal components. Equipped with innovative features, such as advanced servo control and programmable automation, our machines ensure optimal performance and consistent results.