Rotary Swager


Rotary Swager


HOREN, a leading OEM & ODM manufacturer, specializes in producing various types of cold forging machinery. Our Rotary Swager is designed with precision and efficiency in mind, delivering exceptional performance for your manufacturing needs. 

Equipped with a 1HP x 4P motor, it is suitable for processing tiny brass, aluminium, small steel, and alloy tubes and wires. With an applicable size range of Ø1mm to Ø3mm and a working range of 0.3mm to 1.5mm, our Rotary Swager is ideal for pre-processing cold drawing operations. 

It effectively strengthens the density of round materials through a hammering process in swaging mode. Experience the reliability and versatility of HOREN's Rotary Swager for enhanced manufacturing processes.

Rotary Swager

Motor: 1HP x 4P
Applicable material: tiny brass, aluminium, small steel and alloy tube and wire  
Applicable size: Ø1~3mm
Working range: 0.3~1.5mm
Applications and features: 1. Commonly used as the pre-processing of the cold drawing to go through the drawing die for pulling.
2. Used for strengthening the density of round material through hammering process on swaging mode.

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