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Welcome to HOREN, the premier manufacturer of Pipe Straightening Machines. As industry-leading experts, we offer high-quality machinery designed to deliver superior straightening performance for various materials.

Key Features:
Horizontal layout with a zigzag arrangement ensures optimal material pressing and straightening using multi-rollers.
All rollers are equipped with convenient distance scale gauges for easy recording and monitoring of straightening results.
Our machines feature an inverter for precise speed adjustment, tailored to different material compositions.
Seamlessly connect our machines to loading, feeding, and collecting systems for automated operation.
The digital control model provides operators with essential records and references, enabling effortless adjustment of straightening rollers through an intuitive interface.

Our Pipe Straightening Machines are suitable for a wide range of working processes, including:
Cold drawing: Achieve exceptional straightness for tubes, pipes, and bars.
Bending: Pre-straighten materials before the bending process for improved precision.
Lathing: Prepare materials with superior straightness for subsequent machining operations.
Cutting: Enhance the quality of cut pieces by straightening them prior to the cutting process.
Packaging: Straighten materials to ensure uniformity and optimal packaging results.

With powerful features and versatile applications, our Pipe Straightening Machines are the ideal choice for manufacturers seeking precision and efficiency. Trust HOREN to deliver cutting-edge technology and reliable performance for your straightening needs.
Pipe Straightening Machine Manufacturers

Motor: 15HP
Roller configuration: Ø176 x 200L
Applicable material: brass, aluminium, steel, special alloy tube, pipe and bar
Applicable size: Ø30~100mm
Target range: Straightness ≦0.30mm/M
Applications and features: 1. Horizontal layout design with zigzag arrangement to press the materials for straightening through multi-rollers.
2. All rollers are equipped with distance scale gauges for recording at ease.
3. Machine equipped with inverter for the speed adjustment that is required for each different composition of the material.
4. Automatic operation is available by connecting to the loading, feeding and collecting machines.
5. Digital control model provides the operator records and references that help to adjust the rollers required for straightening through interface.
Relevant working processes: Cold drawing, bending, lathing, cutting, packaging

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