Pipe Drawing Machine


Pipe Drawing Machine


 Experience the cutting-edge technology of HOREN's Steel Bar Drawing Machine and Pipe Drawing Machine. With a powerful 75HP motor, our machines are designed to handle a wide range of materials including brass, aluminium, steel, and alloy tubes, pipes, as well as non-ferrous and steel bars. Enjoy precise results with our seesaw-type drawbench and chain-driven carriage, ensuring superior precision and accuracy. Cold drawing enhances material properties such as hardness, yield strength, and surface finish, while reducing ductility. Benefit from efficient mandrel insertion and collection, increased production capacity through multiple dies, and customizable pulling force, speed, and drawing length. Elevate your cold forging capabilities with HOREN's advanced machinery.
Pipe Drawing Machine

Motor: 75HP
Applicable material: (primary) brass, aluminium, steel and alloy tube, pipe (monor) non-ferrous and steel bar
Applicable size: Ø75-50mm / Ø50-35mm
Working range: 10~40%
Applications and features: 1. Seesaw-type drawbench with the chain-driven carriage to pull out the rolled or extruded tubes for better precision.
2. Cold drawn materials provide precise size on diameter, wall thickness, and brighter surface at room temperature. 
3. Cold drawn materials improve the hardness, reduce the duductility, and increase the yield and tensile strength of the material.
4. With assistance from the tube pushing machine and PLC, it effectively reduces the working time on mandrel insertion and collection for cold drawn tubes.
5. An option to make multiple dies for cold drawing on the bench to effectively increase the production capacity and improve the utilization of factory space.  
6. Pulling force, speed, and drawing length could be custom-made according to the practical process deriving from the material composition.
Relevant working processes: Extrusion, cold rolling, pickling, coating, heat treatment, cutting, bending, straightening

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