Pipe Draw Bench Machine


Pipe Draw Bench Machine


 Welcome to HOREN, the leading manufacturer of Pipe Draw Bench Machines. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to meet your cold forging needs with precision and efficiency. Powered by a robust 100HP motor, our machine delivers exceptional performance for various applications.

With the ability to handle brass, aluminium, and steel alloy tubes and pipes, our Pipe Draw Bench Machine offers versatility and adaptability. It supports a wide range of sizes, accommodating Ø150-100mm and Ø100-80mm tubes and pipes.

Our Seesaw-type drawbench, equipped with a chain-driven carriage, ensures optimal precision during the pulling process. This mechanism enables the extraction of rolled or extruded tubes with superior accuracy.

One of the key advantages of our machine is its cold drawing capability. By subjecting the material to this process, we achieve precise sizing, including diameter and wall thickness, while enhancing the surface quality at ambient temperature. Furthermore, cold drawing improves material hardness, reduces ductility, and enhances the yield and tensile strength.

To streamline your production process, our machine features automation functionalities for loading, feeding, and discharging. This comprehensive automation system significantly reduces overall working time and provides control over the production of cold drawn tubes.

With the option to utilize multiple dies for cold drawing on the bench, you can effectively increase production capacity and optimize factory space utilization. This flexibility allows you to cater to various industrial requirements and enhance operational efficiency.

We understand that every project has unique specifications. Hence, our machine offers customizable pulling force, speed, and drawing length, tailored to meet your specific process demands and material composition.

Choose HOREN's Pipe Draw Bench Machine to revolutionize your cold forging operations. Experience precision, efficiency, and reliability like never before. Contact us today to learn more about our cutting-edge solutions for your tube and pipe manufacturing needs.

Pipe Draw Bench Machine

Motor: 100HP
Applicable material: brass, aluminium, steel alloy tube and pipe
Applicable size: Ø150-100mm / Ø100-80mm
Working range: 10~40%
Applications and features: 1. Seesaw-type drawbench with the chain-driven carriage to pull out the rolled or extruded tubes for better precision.
2. Cold drawn materials provide precise size on diameter, wall thickness, and brighter surface at room temperature. 
3. Cold drawn materials improve the hardness, reduce the duductility, and increase the yield and tensile strength of the material.
4. With automation from loading, feeding, and discharging, effectively reduces the overall working time and provides controllable production for cold drawn tubes.
5. An option to make multiple dies for cold drawing on the bench to effectively increase the production capacity and improve the utilization of factory space.  
6. Pulling force, speed, and drawing length could be custom-made according to the practical process deriving from the material composition.
Relevant working processes: Extrusion, tube forming, hot rolling, pickling, coating, heat treatment, cutting, polishing, straightening

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