Introducing HOREN's cutting-edge Drawbench machines, engineered to revolutionize your cold forging operations. Our state-of-the-art equipment caters to a diverse range of materials, including brass, aluminum, steel, and alloy tubes and rods.

Powered by a robust 30HP motor, our Drawbench machines feature a seesaw-type design, meticulously pulling rolled or extruded tubes with unrivaled precision.

Ideal for small-scale production, these machines leverage a push pointer to automate the entire cold drawing process for metal rods of varying sizes. By cold drawing materials, we enhance hardness, yield, and tensile strength, ensuring superior quality outputs.

Boost production efficiency by seamlessly integrating length cutting or straightening processes after cold drawing. At HOREN, we offer customizability in pulling force, speed, and drawing length to meet your specific process requirements.

Explore our comprehensive range of working processes, including extrusion, sand-blasting, pickling, coating, heat treatment, cutting, and straightening.

Elevate your cold forging operations with HOREN's cutting-edge Drawbench machines, delivering exceptional performance and unmatched precision.


Motor: 30HP
Applicable material: brass, aluminium, steel and alloy tube and rod
Applicable size: Ø26 / Ø16
Working range: 15~30%
Applications and features: 1. Seesaw-type drawbench with the chain-driven carriage to pull out the rolled or extruded tubes for better precision.
2. Suitable for small quantities of metal rods of various sizes with support from a push pointer for the automation of the entire cold drawing process.
3. Cold drawn materials improve the hardness, yield and tensile strength of the material.
4. Option to combine length cutting or straightening processes after cold drawing for better production efficiency.
5. Pulling force, speed, and drawing length could be custom-made according to the practical process deriving from the material composition.
Relevant working processes: Extrusion, sand-blasting, pickling, coating, heat treatment, cutting, straightening

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