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HOREN is one of the leading straightening machine manufacturers in Taiwan. We continuously strive for many years of efforts in the design and development of wire and tube straightening machines. The build-up knowledge has helped HOREN to uphold insistence on the usage of high-quality material on key components of the machine. Our horizontal Straightening machine uses a multi-roller mechanism with a zig-zag arrangement to correct and ensure the straightness of metal tubes and bars. It is ideal for the essential requirement of the straightness of brass, copper, aluminum, steel tubes, rods and bars. All the rollers are equipped with a roller distance indicator at the base of the handle for convenient adjustment. The simple device allows the operators to record and set the best angle and position between rollers for easy machine configuration. Number scales are also attached to the 2 sloping bars for further reference.

Since the growing requirement on the straightness of workpieces input for CNC machine tools, our straightening machine provides the best solution to linear the process. Our Straightening machine is also known as wire straightening machine, bar straightening machine, rod straightening machine, tube straightening machine, wire straightening, rebar straightening machine and straightener. Depending on the composition and condition of the input materials, our straightening machines are capable of achieving the straightness of 0.10~0.30mm/M. The use of a motor inverter provides flexibility to finely adjust the rollers' spinning speed in assistance of achieving the straightness. With a combination of cold drawing and cutting machines, we have been providing turnkey solutions to various countries since the 1990s under the management of Ho Sing Machine.